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Who Are We?

AFASIC - North Surrey is a parent led, local self-funding branch of the national charity AFASIC, formerly known as the Association For Speech Impaired Children (registered charity no. 1045617). We are run by a committee of volunteers who are mostly parents of children with speech and language impairments. We started in 1984 and we support about 80 – 90 children and young adults annually, through volunteers.

Committee: Our Officers

Chairman: Danine CronkPhoto place holder
Vice Chairman: Jill AshbyPhoto place holder
Secretary: Christine BeamsPhoto place holder
Treasurer: Phillip CameronPhoto place holder
Assistant Treasurer: Martin TrenamanPhoto place holder

Committee: Members

The committee comprises the officers and other volunteers. Some have particular areas of responsibility.

Photo place holderJulie Taylor
Photo place holderJill Ashby (lead for Links)
Photo place holderMalcolm Stuart (lead for Tech)
Photo place holderMaria Cleary
Photo place holderAlison Vezey
Photo place holderGary Nash (Surrey CC partnership for Senior Friday Club)
Photo place holderMaria Elvin
Photo place holderSarah Maton
Photo place holderChristine Beams
Photo place holderEmma Spillane (Middle Friday Club)
Photo place holderSophie Drewitt
Photo place holderDanine Cronk
Photo place holderJulie King (Junior |Friday Club)
Photo place holderJulie Inglis (Senior Friday Club)

Where Are We Based?

Our area of operation covers Ashtead and Leatherhead in the Mole Valley, Epsom and Ewell, Banstead, Elmbridge and other areas of Surrey.

What Do We Do?

We support speech and language impaired children and young adults. We run a fortnightly ‘Friday Club’ – separate sections for the under and over 11’s – so the children can enjoy group activities in a supportive environment. We also organise summer activity weeks, some residential, for the children and young adults.

We help parents who want to discuss their child's difficulties. We refer on to the national afasic helpline 0845 3 55 55 77 for parents who want help to obtain Statements of Special Educational Need, and other appropriate support. We run occasional conferences with professionals to improve understanding of the causes and treatment of these disabilities.

What is ‘Speech and Language Impairment’?

Speech and language impaired children have a difficulty with one or more aspects of speech, language and communication. They may not properly process language – speaking and/or listening and/or understanding. Many people with communication difficulties have poor non-verbal communication skills, as well as difficulty with communication through language - it is estimated that three quarters of human interaction is non-verbal, involving gestures, facial expressions etc. This clearly has a knock-on impact on reading, writing and overall education. Some of these children may have physical or co-ordination problems, as well as behavioural or other personal difficulties, and social skills problems.

The national afasic website has more detailed information about these issues and a series of publications is available at  www.afasic.org.uk

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